New Album

Release Party at St. Nicolas

Slowly but surely it becomes exciting, and we are in the middle of preparations. Time has come and on the 6th of December, I’ll present you the NEW Jolina Carl.

You have the chance to join the party, when my new album “Shades Of Love” will be released. An album, like no other you have ever heard before of me. First class musicians stood by my side in the production and helped me to realize my own idea of American music.

On this evening I’d like to present every single song of my album. I can’t wait and I’m still counting the days until St. Nicolas evening (Dec 6th). Let us celebrate the release of my album together.

Other than myself there will be an amazing support band, which present rock and pop in a very specific manner. So look forward to “SOME FOLKS”.

Now I hope to see a big crowd on the evening of Dec.6th. Get your tickets for the release party soon. Advance ticket sale at MaMaMuSe Kunsthaellchen, Am Jobberath 15, 50126 Bergheim.Tickets are 11 Euros for admission, or 15 Euros for admission and the new album.

EPK to “Shades Of Love”


The release of my new album “Shades Of Love” has come very close. To shorten the waiting time, I had the idea to offer you a little present.

“I Wanna Hear You Say It”, my duet with the award winner Billy Yates. You can download it here for free and listen to it in best of musical quality.

Have fun with the new duet. I hope, the song ignites your appetite for the “new” Jolina Carl.


– …at the last year! –

One year with my new management (Eleftherios Mavros). It’s time for a little review.

You were certainly surprised, that there were so little news about me in the last year. The reason for this is that I had to make decisions that greatly affect my musical career. After signing the management contract, further cooperation was rejected by my former producer. The separation between her, her music label and me was inevitable. The result was that I simply don’t exist anymore in everything that is influenced in the German country scene in any way by her or her husband.

There are radio DJs that no longer play my music, so I also disappeared from the “German Country Music Airplay Charts” (© husband of my former producer).

There are people that make an effort to make my musical life miserable. They paid money to hurt me. One day after my press release with regard to my own music label, different variations of domains of the original name idea “All American Music” were purchased. On all of these domains, a visitor will be forwarded to a country site which still exists to this day.

So much for the negative aspects of the past year. This, however, does not stop me, it only makes me stronger. Fortunately, the positive aspects dominate significantly. Sometimes you have to walk a difficult path to make things happen that were urgently needed.

In recent years, before my time in new management, I made many things, because it was simply dictated to me, or I couldn’t take influence. I often had the feeling of being a tool to realize the music of other people.

This changed with the cooperation with Eleftherios Mavros. He encouraged me to use my musical possibilities and show my passion and emotions in music. I had the chance to work with famous national and international songwriters to develop songs that reflect my own image of country music.

Unfortunately, you have to wait a long time on my new album “Shades Of Love”. Originally, its release was planned for spring, but there are so many people involved in this production, who bring their ideas, that the release may have wait until autumn. Quality takes its time. As you already know, there will be a duet with Billy Yates, a Grammy-winning artist from Nashville, on the album. Continue to Boo Ray, a very talented artist from Nashville. He asked to turn his song “Boots & Blue Jeans” into a duet version with him. The solo version of his song is already represented in famous Americana charts. I recorded most of the songs from my new album in a studio in Nashville, with musicians, whose musicality is really amazing. I can’t wait to present to you the “new” Jolina Carl. But you have to wait a little while. This time, it has to be perfect.

Eleftherios Mavros did a good job. He was able to convince a sponsor into funding the complete production of the album. I’d like to introduce this sponsor in detail at a later date, stay tuned!

The collaboration with companies, who will give me their support in the future, was made possible by my manager. YAMAHA music Europe GmbH already sent me a 6-string APX 1000 Pearl White. I will get a 12-string model in the near future. For the promotion campaign of the new album “Shades Of Love”, VESPA Düsseldorf  gladly agreed to provide some Vespa sport scooter S50 with my logo, which can be found around my performances. The stickers were generously done by sht Quadrath. VESPA Düsseldorf also provided numerous prices for this promotion campaign. At this point, I would like to thank most warmly for the generous support by these companies.

I would also like to thank companies that put their trust in me and have supported me for a long time. This includes Karl Höfner GmbH & Co. KG, which has been providing me with their guitars for years. I’m getting my microphones from beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG. My 12-string Höfner guitar was equipped by Shadow Electronics with a SH PFA-C PanaFlex Wireless System to be more mobile onstage. Thank you for many years of support and the confidence to these companies.

You see, sometimes you just have to let changes happen to get on the right path. I’m looking forward to what future has plannned for me. I’m on my way! Stay tuned for a “new” Jolina Carl.


G7th – The Capo Company

Many thanks to G7th, The Capo Company, who equipped me very spontaneously with high-quality capos.

I’m very happy to be supported by a company that produce capos in the highest quality.

Find more info about G7th:

Musikmesse Frankfurt



I’m also very happy to present my endorsement companies Höfner as well as Shadow at the Music Convention “Musikmesse” in Frankfurt.

Everyone who wants to catch me live on the stage or at the booths are very welcome.

12.3., 12 Uhr Acoustic Stage
12.3., 14 Uhr Höfner Halle 3.1 Stand E67

13.3. Shadow Electronics Halle 3.1 Stand G79
13.3., 13 Uhr Höfner Halle 3.1 Stand E67