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– Mexican Overdrive –

Just as a truck in neutral, the “Mexican Overdrive” downhill is getting faster and faster, Jolina Carl is once again powerfully picking up speed with her new album. With inspiring musical diversity, she continues in the fast lane with the album “Mexican Overdrive”.

Jolina Carl releases her fifth studio album with 14 new songs, most of which she wrote herself. She was assisted by the British songwriter and A&R legend Richard Rogers and Bernd Ege, who was already a writer on her last album. The songs have a very traditional touch, but this time she surprises with four songs written by Tobias Schnell with

a strong pinch of New Country. Jolina Carl also presents the Patsy Cline classic “She’s Got You” in a modern guise and finishes off with an acoustic version of “I Wanna Go”, giving an emotionally intimate insight into the story of a man who was always drawn to the world, but who realizes in his twilight years how beautiful it is at home. Jolina Carl offers a stylistic range on her new album, from Tex Mex and funky rhythms to traditional country.

With “Mexican Overdrive” she shows a very great musical and vocal flexibility. She tells stories about women who talk too much and too loud, defines a very precious friendship, takes up the topic “Domestic Violence” in a socially critical way and gives courage to live personal dreams.

Most of the album was recorded in Nashville and produced by Grammy-nominated Thomm Jutz at his TJ Tunes Studio. The tracks on „Mexican Overdrive“ were recorded by musicians from the top ranks of Nashville session cracks, such as Tammy Rogers, Scotty Sanders, Jeff Taylor and Pat Bergeson, who have worked with Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Ricky Skaggs, Alan Jackson and Tommy Emmanuel, among others. The New Country songs were produced by Tobias Schnell at SES Studio in Hamburg.

With „Mexican Overdrive“ Jolina Carl gives powerful gas and shows again that she continues to progress on the way up.

The release of “Mexican Overdrive” is on 23rd July 2021 and can be ordered by now.


ISSA Awards

– Nomation –

Wow! What a big surprise! I am nominated at International Singer Songwriter Association, USA! How exciting!

“Female Vocalist Of The Year”

“Female Single Of The Year”

“Female Songwriter Of The Year”

Christmas Is a Bad Man’s Love

– New Single Release –

Following on from the fabulous success of her previous single „Lockdown“ earlier in 2020, German country singer Jolina Carl releases her 2nd single of the year. „Christmas Is A Bad Man’s Love“, a paean for the fakeness and falseness of Christmas is released on 27th November.

„Christmas Is A Bad Man’s Love“ celebrates a dislike for the commercial and exploitational aspects of the December celebrations in an uptempo tale of woe, wonder and disgust for some of the more traditional elements of the festive season. Jolina Carl tells the story of a person who doesn’t love Christmas as much as she does with tearing verses such as

I’m fed up of sleigh bells, angels and candles
Christmas trees, turkeys and sprouts
So give me my presents, some port and a curry
And maybe I’ll stay in the house

„Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ brings on more of the same dynamic alt country rock feel that made „Lockdown“ so perfect for radio and popular with their audience.

Jolina has managed to rope in UK songwriting and A&R legend Richard Rogers on co-writing duties. Rogers’s knowledge and biography is a like an almanac of the music business working with the likes of David Bowie, Muse, OMD, Hazel O’Connor, The Prodigy, ELP, Depeche Mode, Amy Studt etc. and his input only enhances Carl’s abilities and confidence in her vocal and guitar delivery.

The track has been mastered in the UK by esteemed Taunton mastering house Fat As Funk. „Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ is the second taster to be lifted from the forthcoming album due for release in 2021.

„Christmas Is A Bad man’s Love“ is a rallying call to any of us who ever really sat down and thought about the commercial overtones and sly underhandedness of Christmas all done with a beautiful underlying paradox of an uptempo fun tune.


– New Single Release –

What does a singer/songwriter like Jolina Carl do during the Corona pandemic? Well obviously, she stays at home, washes her hands and socially distances! And she writes a song about how life has changed. In “Lockdown” Jolina describes what people miss most: Interacting with others, celebrate life and feel free to enjoy their lives. The Corona measures containing the virus make absolute sense and are proven to help prevent the spread of the virus. But the effects of a lockdown on the emotional wellbeing is hardly ever mentioned. A universe of video meetings and phone calls cannot replace direct human interaction. And many of us who used to be surrounded by their friends are now sitting at home all alone waiting for life to go back to normal. In “Lockdown” Jolina highlights these changes and she also describes how much we are craving a time when social distancing is a thing of the past and we can live freely again.

Akademia Awards

– The Akademia Music Awards –

Ooops…how exciting! Good News from Los Angeles! My record “Forward Back Home” won the award for “Best Country Album” in March 2020. The Akademia Music Awards are given to independent artists from all over the world.

The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing top musical talent from all across the globe. Each month, the executive team reviews hundreds of music submissions in each genre to identify and select the top artists. Winners will participate in the upcoming 2020 Gala Event broadcast from Los Angeles, California and have the opportunity to enroll in a groundbreaking Artist Acclerator Program. This program is only available to Akademia Music Award winners.



Happy New Year 2020

– Happy New Year –

Thanks for a great year 2019! It’s a gift for me that I can make my music for you and with you. Thank you for your support! I’m looking forward to 2020 with good projects and exciting surprises.

Enjoy the wonderful Christmas time with a glas of wine and good food. Have a successful, happy and healthy year 2020.

Merry Christmas!

Yours Jolina