During a family celebration in Cologne, a special musical career began. Jolina Carl found an old guitar and discovered her love for music. Many years of self taught study on guitar and vocals followed, as well as various bands, different styles of music, vocal training and countless stage performances.

Meanwhile Jolina Carl belongs to the most successful country music artists in Europe. During her album productions, Jolina has worked with musicians of the first rank in and out of Nashville. For her latest album “Forward Back Home” Jolina Carl takes the next step ‘forward’ with these 12 new songs, as a singer, as a songwriter, as a designer of her music. Her own pieces and the selection of songs by other composers as well as the cover versions or her two duets with Grammy winner Billy Yates and country shooting star Ray Scott, all of that shows her incredible format and reveals her enormous potential. Plus she offers a wide range of styles, which ranks from Bluegrass and funky rhythms to even jazzy parts and surely also to traditional Country.

The famous TV magazin “PRISMA” recently called her “Best German Country Singer”. Jolina is playing on international stages (Poland, Switzerland, Austria). Even beyond the borders of Europe Jolina Carl is well known. She was the first and only German artist at the legendary “National Cowboy Symposium” in Lubbock, Texas, where it soon became clear, that this German country singer lives and loves the American Country Music.

Jolina is the winner of many music awards and was as the only non-american artist in the final round of the NASHVILLE UNIVERSE AWARDS one of the five best in the category “Female Vocalist Of The Year”.

During a concert tour in Tennessee she reopened as the main act a little stage whose former owner was the “Man in Black” Johnny Cash. She was invited to perform with Mark Alan Cash (nephew of Johnny Cash), Stan Perkins (son of Carl Perkins) and W.S. “Fluke” Holland.

Everybody who has seen Jolina Carl during a live performance, knows that she is singing with passion. As a trained singer, Jolina is speaking to the audience through her music. She convinces people with a lot of charm, charisma and a wide repertoire of music. Whether with a soulful country ballad written by herself, with a traditional classic cover, or a hard rock song, Jolina knows how to control her voice.