National Cowboy Symposium

Jolina Carl in Texas


After winning the singing contest in Lubbock-Town, Weilerswist last year, and as a result and payoff for making it to !st place/No.1 I have also won a trip and gig in Lubbock,Texas. The time has come for me to start my journey to the US of A. I had a great and wonderful time in Texas. Many adventures and experiences later I returnd home with positive and lasting impressions. My gigs at the „National Cowboy Symposium“ were really successfull and I met many interesting people. This was defintitely not the last time for me in Texas.

Jolina Carl Unplugged

Open Air fell into the water



It was a great weekend with my unplugged trio. On Saturday we had a concert at the „Café Einstein“ in Stühlingen. The audience was in a good mood and took enthusiastic part from the beginning of the first song. I’m certain that this concert wasn’t the last at the „Café Einstein“.

On Sunday the weather forecast said 10°C or 50°F and 85% chance of rain, but our concert was still announced at the „Café Waldblick“ in Unterbränd. It supposed to have been an outdoor show and Fortunately the host Volker and his team were very flexible and acted quick, they cleared the entire café to make room for an indoor concert. So we had a great concert with plenty of cheerful guests who really enjoyed the evening as much as we did.


Victory in Lubbock Town

No. 1 at the singing contest

On Saturday I have won the song/vocal contest in the little Western Town named „Lubbock Town“ in Weilerswist. The jury of the „Western und Indianer Freunde Köln e.V.“ chose me as No. 1 among other great artists. There were nine delegates on stage, each with three songs. Every single performance was great and the competition was really strong. Inspite of the pressure all delegates really enjoyed the day and then after the contest,all delegates joined together and sang some songs together. The price for the winner was a trip to the U.S. ,and performances at the „National Cowboy Symposium“ in Lubbock, Texas.