Jolina Carl returns awards!

In the years from 2011 till 2013 I have won several awards for nominations in context of events by the CMM, in categories such as “Newcomer Of The Year”, “Album Of The Year”, “Female Vocalist Of The Year” and “Song Of The Year”. During that time, when I was nominated for these awards and receiving them, I was in a very close contact with the organizer and his wife. My first two albums and several singles were released on the label owned by the organizer’s wife. I was also represented on some compilations and samplers during our cooperation. My songs were very often high placed in the so-called “Country Music Airplay Charts”, which were counted and published from the organizer of the CMM on his own online portal.

During the cooperation with the organizer and his wife I never really wanted to see the critic, which has been brought to my attention. I was a newcomer in the German Country Music and was proud to be so “successfull” in the charts and to get so many awards. I never wanted to recognize the “negative side”, many critics talked about.

Now, after the organizer got himself an award on his own convention for “special merits in the German Country Music” scene, and after there was a lot of criticism about the connection between the nominated artists and the label of the organizer’s wife, I decided to return all awards I have received in the context of these events.

With this step I want to place and make myself conclusive, and also want to distance myself from the organizer, his events, his publications as well as from his wife and her label. The return of the awards doesn’t represent in any way a rating of the artists, who also received awards whithin those events. Not each artist is in direct connection with the organizer and/or the label, and I appreciate most of the artists personally as well as artistically. The return likewise should not upset the fans of the Country Music and visitors of the events. I love the German Country scene and especially my fans.